Fitness Calculations

A screenshot of the fitness calculations site.
An app the calculates various fitness-related things for you.

I've been interested in fitness and weightlifting for a while, and over the years I've had to calculate various numbers to figure out the best way to meet my goals, so I thought I'd make a site to consolidate some of those common fitness calculations.

This project is built in React. I did it to practice using forms in React, because they provide a scoped-down technical challenge that still presents some complexity like form validation. The code is available on Github.

The site currently calculates your total daily energy expenditure, your theoretical one-rep weightlifting max, the grams of macronutrients needed to match caloric and percentage values, and your target heart rates. I intend to add a weightlifting program picker down the line as well, and am open to suggestions for what else to add!




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