2017 Goals

I've had a personal domain for about as long as I've been doing web development stuff, since 2013 or so. But I've only managed to write, at most, four posts a year or so. I've been thinking about why I find blogging consistently so difficult. Some of it is just time, of course. Writing anything takes time. But sometimes I spend too much time trying to perfect what I am writing, to make this blog only about what I'm certain I know. This is a problem in coding as well. I often feel paralyzed by the need to complete a large project instead of experimenting with smaller ones. Or to not even begin a project until I've done all the tutorials and gone through all the videos I've found about whatever I want to learn.

Looking at traffic logs confirms that this blog is mainly for me. I still come back and reference posts where I've explained things as I've learned them, or summarized knowledge. It's a learning tool for me, first and foremost. So I should start treating it as one.

With all that in mind, I'm going to make some commitments here, publicly, for 2017. I really do like the arbitrary goals we set for ourselves when one year rolls over into the next, so it seems a good time to do so.

  1. I want to be more consistent with trying to learn more tools, languages, and frameworks. Chief among them is getting up to speed with the JavaScript world again. I use Angular every day, but there are other major frameworks and ways of doing front end development that I don't know as much about. I'm going to start with VueJS, which some people claim combines principles from Angular 1 and React, so it seems like a great framework to begin with.

  2. I want to write about what I learn here as I do it, even if it seems like it will benefit no one other than me, and even if it's not perfect.

Anyways, those are my goals. Hope to see you again soon! And happy 2017!


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