A picture of me in the Alps with a rainbow in the background
This is me, near Innsbruck, Austria.

I've been a developer since 2012, when I started making Wordpress sites. I currently work as a software engineer for Jellyfish, where I primarily do frontend work to build Jellyfish's engineering management platform. Before that, I spent almost five years in civic tech at Truss and Ad Hoc, helping to make government digital services better (like healthcare.gov!) I started my career in Portland, Oregon working for a couple of startups. These days I tend to work primarily in React/TypeScript, but I have interest and some experience in Node, Go, and Ruby/Rails.

Outside of programming, I enjoy reading, hiking, playing video games, Crossfit, and spending time with my family.

I sometimes Tweet, and I am available for select freelance work–send me an email if you have a project I could help with. I also keep a personal blog with writings that aren't directly related to tech at hannasthoughts.com, just in case you are interested in reading more of what I write!

What About the Site?

I'm glad you asked! This site is statically generated with Hugo, a Golang-based site generator. I wrote the CSS myself (though, I borrowed some excellent practices from Bootstrap.) The fonts are served from Google, and the icons are from Font Awesome. The entire thing is on Github, if you are curious.

Last Updated: 6/30/2022